AutoMarker Series
Inkjet Marking Systems

AutoMarker™ is an automatic marking and identification system for pig carcasses based on inkjet technology.

Available versions
The AutoMarker™ series of inkjet marking systems consists of 2 different, fully automatic
devices for carcass stamping:

• AutoMarker™ M1

• AutoMarker™ Mx-32 New ikon   

System description
The AutoMarker™ systems use inkjet technology for printing a sequential kill number and/or other information such as weight, grading class, farmer no., etc. on the carcass. With inkjet it is possible to print on curved surfaces. This makes the AutoMarker™ very usable for printing on carcasses.

The ink is food approved and complies with international food standards. It can ­withstand both the singeing oven and the blast freezer.

The print format and contents can be adjusted according to the customers’ specific ­demands and needs.



  • The AutoMarker™ system can be adapted to meet ­specific demands and needs, as 2 ­different versions are available as well as OEM/customized solutions
  • Standard model with 7-dot-print heads is available as well as the newly developed model, AutoMarker Mx-32, with 32 dots print heads for advanced graphical marking
  • Very reliable and fully automatic inkjet marking system which ensures reliable carcass tracking
  • Together with the AutoFom grading system the AutoMarker™ provides a unique solution for optimum identification of carcasses and primals to be used for veterinary control and manual sorting, etc.
  • With improved sorting and increased access to information, the process of cutting and ­deboning is optimized ­considerably
  • Uses food brown ink that ­complies with international food standards and ­withstands both the singeing oven and the blast freezer
  • Installed in more than 70 slaughterhouses worldwide

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